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If you want to save money on accounting and payroll stationery for Sage, IRIS and Pegasus software your in the right place.

Put simply I supply invoices, statements and payslips direct to companies like yours at huge discounts. I cut out the office stationers and the software companies so you get what you want at a fraction of the price.

What Other People Say About Collate

Hello. I’m Stuart Whitman.

I run the UK’s fastest growing supplier of compatible forms.

I’m full-time Collate business owner and I specialise in supplying compatible forms like invoices and payslips that work with Sage, IRIS and Pegasus software. What started out as a little side project now consumes most of my life and I’m passionate about saving people money. I supply thousands of companies including plc's, universities, and charities with millions of payslips every year.

How come your prices are so cheap

Put simply I have lower overheads, offer cheaper prices and do more business; and the end result is that people can buy the same quality forms for less. I spend a lot of my time finding new ways of sourcing products, then cutting out most of the larger companies’ costs so that my stationery is the cheapest, and my service is the best.

Who are your customers

I sell to business across the U.K and anyone who uses Sage, Pegasus or IRIS software can save money by using compatible forms. My customers include accountants, bookkeepers, payroll and HR departments at large companies through to one person start-ups.

Where did you learn about the compatible forms business

Since leaving school at 16 I’ve been heavily involved in print and technology industries. Having worked in production control for several print companies and developed backoffice systems for some of the most influential printers in the U.K I now use this expertise to help smaller business compete online.

Tell us a bit more about yourself

I’m English, and from Brum or Birmingham to those who haven’t got a clue what I’m on about. I moved to Newcastle upon Tyne in 2001, married Nicola Coase in 2004 and now have two young daughters – Hannah and Laura. They will hence forth be known as the Gruesome Twosome.

What do you do in your spare time

Ha ha. Good joke. When I’m not working on this or someone elses website I will be entertaining the Gruesome Twosome or providing some kind of taxi service around the North East. On Sunday’s during the summer I get a couple of hours peace and can regularly be found shouting at the T.V, whilst sitting with my laptop/iPod watching cars go round in circles – or as it’s sometimes known Formula 1.